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  • Let's talk! - Making a plan: what, why and how.

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    Let's talk! - Making a plan: what, why and how.

    Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:29 pm

    Making a plan for events: what, why and how.

    You said you wanted information, we heard you. We’re introducing a new content series where we will be starting a number of discussions and activities about the experience of substance use, making change and staying changed.

    In this topic, we will be discussing how you can plan to navigate a social event coming up, while sticking to your goals.
    We will be chatting about what a plan might look like, sharing ideas and discussing what has and hasn't worked in the past. This will be a great way to help ease any anxieties you may have in the lead up to events, and discuss your options with forum friends.

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    Re: Let's Talk - Making a plan: What, Why and How?

    Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:44 am

    Learning to navigate social events is a big part of making and maintaining change.

    Enjoying a social life without alcohol or substances getting in the way can be an anxious situation for many. At times like this we say “make like a scout and be prepared”, having a plan of what to do and what to fall back on when things get a little shaky can be the best thing you can do for yourself to help stay on track and honour your goals.

    You might be interested in checking out our Preparing for change blog & extra information on staying stopped.

    The following are some prompts for making a plan ahead of an event.
    1. My goal is…
      Whilst everyone’s paths and goals are different it’s important to have clear goals and a good understanding of why your goals are important to you. Whether you’re cutting down or stopping, clearly defining what goal is, is crucial in avoiding:
      • Minimising – “just a little more”,
      • Justifying – “I needed it”,
      • Denying – “I didn’t do/it I don’t remember doing it”, and/or
      • Blame – “they made me do it”.
    2. My buddy is…
      Is there someone who you can share your goals with? It’s great to have a supportive someone keeping an eye out and that you can reach out if you’re not feeling great. This will help with accountability and also feelings of ease. You could even share this plan with them.
      • If someone offers me I will say…
        It can help to have some ideas of your responses prepared. It’s OK if you’re not up for telling everyone, this is your journey. There are some great examples listed on Drugrehab.org’s Hello, Holidays: Creating a Sober Game Plan
        • If I’m having an urge I should…
        • My non alcohol/substance rewards are…
          Making some plans for your new-found energised morning time that excite you can help keep you on track. Plan to meet a friend, try a hobby, do something nice for yourself or even just enjoying a lazy morning waking up feeling great!
        It’s worth considering if the event is something that you really want to go to at this stage. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to look after yourself, so feel empowered with the knowledge that it’s OK to skip the event.

        It goes without saying that the forums are a judgement free zone. All inputs are highly valued :)

        Let’s share ideas! If you feel comfortable, perhaps share your plan below.
        Have you used a plan before – what have you found helpful? What would you do differently?
        Is there anything else in your toolkit for event preparation?
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