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Let's Talk!: Motivation

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:14 pm
by Vik

When in need of change, motivation is crucial for action.
It is common to feel overwhelmed, and trapped in ambivalence. Even though we may feel snippets of determination, this can be challenging to foster and maintain over time. No matter your story and goals, motivation is a challenge which is affected by a number of things, but something you can work on daily.

Everyone’s motivation comes from different things – those in their life, their health, their future. Sometimes the things are great or small, but they may be all it takes to get through today.

Taking the time to really think about the following questions, and writing down your answers can be really helpful. Sharing below may encourage others, and may assist others to feel less alone and more motivated. If you’re not comfortable sharing that’s OK too – perhaps having these written in a card in your wallet for a tough moment could be handy too?

  • What are your reasons for change?
  • What is at risk if you do not change?
  • What have you achieved in the past which shows you that you are able to move forward from where you are now? (perhaps you’ve managed a few days sober in the past, perhaps you’ve made it to today sober, or perhaps a moment where you were able to say no)
  • What is your next step to really help yourself? How can you, or members of the community, help you get there?
  • What is something which helps your motivation? A quote, a book, a picture? By sharing them below we can start a motivation library.