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  • Let's Talk!: Sleep & Stopping

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    Let's Talk!: Sleep & Stopping

    Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:22 am

    Drugs and alcohol impact the way we sleep in a variety of ways - some bring on sleep, some keep us up, and most impact sleep quality. This impact can shift or worsen when we don't drink or use.

    In this Let's Talk, we'll be discussing our experiences and struggles with sleep when making change, and sharing tips and support in improving things for ourselves.

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    Re: Let's Talk!: Sleep & Stopping - Opens January 27

    Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:08 am

    Acknowledging and addressing problems with sleep while on the path of change is really helpful in keeping yourself on track. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, but let’s talk about a couple of options which may help you.

    Firstly, know that it’s not uncommon to experience problems with sleep even after stopping drinking or using for a while, as it can take a while for your body to settle and habits to change, but can be managed. Every substance has different impacts when being used or after stopping, it’s worth learning more about your substance of concern (This piece by Addiction Campuses is a helpful place to start.)
    Sleepy hygiene’s a really great place to start – simple things which you can change about your routine at home. (There are more great ideas in this piece by SAMHSA)
    1. Seize the day
      1. Keep a regular exercise routine – though try not to do too late in the day.
      2. Get natural light throughout the day to keep your brain aware of the difference in awake and asleep time.
    2. Start preparing for rest
      1. Keep naps short , and not late in the day
      2. Avoid caffeine in the hours before bed
      3. Start winding down for rest – relaxing. Try mindful meditation or a warm bath.
    3. Your bedroom is a sanctuary – associate your room with sleep
      1. Avoid stressful things in your room such as work and bills
      2. Limit screens in your room eg. TV
      3. Try to avoid doing any activities other than sleep in bed.
    4. The sleep part
      1. Go to sleep when you’re feeling tired – don’t fight it.
      2. Try to keep a sleep routine of when you go to bed and get up where possible
      3. Don’t lie in bed awake – if you can’t sleep for 20 minutes get up and do something relaxing with the intention to return to bed as soon as possible.
    Also, chatting to a professional about your sleep can be a valuable thing, especially if your difficulties occur for an extended period.

    Have you experienced difficulties with sleep? What did this look like for you?
    Have you tried any of these tips, and were they helpful for you?
    Do you have other tips to share that might help others?
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    Re: Let's Talk!: Sleep & Stopping

    Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:33 am

    Sleep has come up many times in the forum. tagging those who've mentioned sleep challenges in the last few months - perhaps could you share challenges or advice with one another? It helps to know you're not alone
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