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    Simply me
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    Re: Monday Meetup - Join us weekly!

    Mon Dec 07, 2020 9:59 pm

    Heylo @Enbie nbie, @BeXta, @Lady Bug folk,

    Yes'm i have found it has to be abstinance for me, or it simply sneaks back into my life and conciousness, gradually building up. Hence nipping in bud at this point. Absolutely we can do this!!

    It seems all about getting through those craving waves. Distraction works, tool of choice, but when I'm low energy, Lady Bug yep I'm learning how to be present through n with challenging feelings, rather than numbing out. Not always a comfy sensation. When people say to me 'this too shall pass' i generally arc up n get cranky, yet mayhap I'll have to admit there's element o truth there. Otherwise, there's computer surfing, or doona therapy. My cat cuddled up on lap in now.....

    Early days the waves are strongest, trying to remember the more I deny feeding em, bigger gaps get between n will grow with time. Typing tonight is helping, so scuse ramblings...

    Not real sure what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy n Mindfulness are, but second session with counsellor working with em as modalities, next Monday. So, that should help clarify :).

    Blessings n good vibes
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    Community Builder
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    Re: Monday Meetup - Join us weekly!

    Mon Dec 14, 2020 7:36 pm

    Hello everyone :) Welcome to our 'Monday Meetup' :D

    This is a chance for us to have a bit of a live chat with eachother about the past week and how to prepare for the week ahead.

    Preparation for festive season:
    I understand it’s a busy time for most people as we approach the end of the year. Christmas and New Years is around the corner and even though this is a time for celebration, it’s best to be prepared for any triggering moments and to help keep ourselves on track. Lets have a discussion around the different strategies we can put in place for ourselves over the festive period.

    During the past week:
    Tell us what improvements you have made in the past week and also what has been most challenging?
    Have you created or achieved any new goals? How have you prepared for the week ahead?

    As some of you may know, during the past month, the four part docuseries ‘Addicted Australia’ aired showing us a peek through some of the struggles that people face with a range of different addictions. For those who watched the series what were your thoughts on it? Did it help you gain that level of motivation to put to action the changes you want to make?

    For those who have missed it, it is still available to view on the SBS app or website.
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    Community Builder
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    Re: Monday Meetup - Join us weekly!

    Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:02 pm

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to another ‘Monday Meetup’, and the first one for 2021!
    I hope we all enjoyed the festive season and are feeling rested, rejuvenated and energised to tackle the New Year.
    Like always, moderators will be around to chat in this space for the next two hours. All are welcome!

    Being that this is the first meetup up since the festive season, how are we all doing?

    Did anyone face any challenges during this time? Christmas can be a challenging time for many people…

    What are our goals relating to substance use for the year?
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    The Mythical Liverbird
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    Re: Monday Meetup - Join us weekly!

    Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:23 pm

    G'day everyone,

    It's Monday Meetup time. Hope everyone's had a good start to the year!

    Just wanted to check in to see what people had to report; how's January treating everyone? It's generally a quieter time than December, with a lot of people going into hibernation after Christmas.

    I wanted to kick the discussion off by asking, who are some of the people who inspire you?

    A completely random one I've been thinking about lately is Billy Connolly. Not because I particularly love his comedy, but because of what he's gone through in life and the way he's been able to re-emerge on the other side. The guy had some horrific experiences when he was young, but whenever I hear him speak in interviews or present a travel show, he has such an obvious ability to see the beauty in things and experience joy. He finds it in people, places and great works of music and art. He reminds me that there are things in the world, things which will always be there, which can stir us into feeling moved no matter what else is going on.

    I'd like to tag @New start 00 , @KLS , @Simply me and @forest . How are things going folks?
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