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  • Weekend Anxiety

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    Weekend Anxiety

    Thu Feb 17, 2022 8:29 pm

    Not sure if anyone will identify with this but lately I've been getting hit with weekend anxiety. It's been appearing on Friday night but hitting hardest on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I'm trying to decide what to do. On Friday night I'm getting home and doing my usual stuff but then I realise I haven't really planned anything. I start thinking about what could fill the weekend and then have a sorta wish list of things I "could" do. I settle a bit from there, get the washing done and free up space so the weekend isn't taken up by housework.

    Saturday and Sunday mornings though have been where the struggle sets in. If I don't get out of bed early and just get started I end up thinking myself nothingness. I have options running through my head and then start trying to work out what I'm going to do, when I'm going to do it, how much time it'll take, what will be next, should I do a, b, c or b, c, a or c, a, b or something else completely. Basically I overthink things and get "analysis paralysis". Before I know it it's lunchtime before I've left the house and motivation has disappeared..........and I just get disappointed in myself for not getting up earlier.. There is a way around it though.

    The way around it is to plan............and get out of bed early. Sounds simple right?

    Having a plan for the day helps to give purpose and get it started. When trying to start living without drugs or alcohol it's important to plan your day too. Fill your day with activities and spaces for rest and downtime too............but have a basic plan with timings too. Just because you have the plan doesn't mean you have to stick to it. What's important is getting up and getting your plan started. There'll always be things that may or may not happen throughout the day that change your original plan but it's better that way than sitting around at home getting restless and irritable.............because we know where that leads.

    Soo I guess that's my advice to you.........plan your day. Plan fun. Plan housework. Plan to catch up with friends. Plan whatever it is that puts a smile on you face and takes away the urge to use. Give yourself a purpose for the weekend.
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