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  • New start?

    Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Australia. Join this forum to discuss issues and find support relating to alcohol use and recovery.
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    New start?

    Sat Dec 03, 2022 5:37 pm

    69 years of age, retired due to ill health, live alone (divorced), drink 5-6 bottles of Whisky per week, spending over $900 per month. I've been drinking all my adult life but never to this level. Want to stop and need help.
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    Re: New start?

    Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:10 pm

    Hi @Ranger'sfan,
    Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing!
    Carrying this alone can be difficult. I am glad you shared this with us here. Feel free to post as often and whenever you want in here.
    I have included some resources in the welcome email we sent you. Just some information about counselling and peer support service (Smart Recovery) to give you a direction to start. I have also tagged our peer workers in this reply to see if they have some suggestions about where and how you can start the journey! @ScorpionPW & @PnorkelPW
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    Re: New start?

    Mon Dec 05, 2022 9:25 pm

    Hi @Ranger'sfan, thanks so much for being so open and honest about where you're at.

    I remember feeling so alone in my addiction, especially towards the end.

    Is this the first place you've reached out or have you tried to get help before?

    Also, a great place to start is to talk to your GP to get some advice on how to detox safely. When I was drinking so much this was so important for me because I had no idea how risky it was stopping without the right medical support.

    Remember, we're always here if you want to reach out, I hope you continue to share with us here on the forums :)
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    Re: New start?

    Mon Dec 05, 2022 9:54 pm

    Hi @Ranger'sfan and thanks for sharing with us. I agree with @ScorpionPW's advice of talking with your GP and a Drug and Alcohol counsellor. They'll be able to work with you on identifying your goals and plan a safe way of working towards them.

    My body was dependent on alcohol for a long time. A couple of times I decided to detox myself and it's an experience I wouldn't recommend trying. Making the change you want to is possible but doing it alone is damn near impossible.

    What are your thoughts on talking to your GP and finding a drug and alcohol counsellor?
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