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  • Day 7 abstaining from alcohol!

    Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Australia. Join this forum to discuss issues and find support relating to alcohol use and recovery.
    Simply me
    Posts: 56
    Joined: Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:51 pm

    Re: Day 7 abstaining from alcohol!

    Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:11 pm

    Thanks for the affirmation folks. Helps on this voyage....
    So now, just over 12 month markers. Today traveling pretty well, so felt to type a lil...
    The seasons wheel is turning to spring, which is a mood n vibe tonic in itself. Flowers opening, life blossoming n warming up. Trying to immerse myself in bodies of water, get outside, wherever possible....

    Working to establish some daily 'meditation' practices, focusing on 'grounding' n 'centering'. Day 5 of 3 week experiment, gotta begin somewhere eh. Connection to the energy available in n of the earth, n building up the inner light/resilience at ones core. Each day varies depending on energy levels or distress. I am not able to simply 'sit' in meditation, my brain goes off. Restlessness still strikes, but I have recorded audio visualisations to help focus, on phone, and laptop. Found mp3s in which the guiding voice and contents hit the spot. Seems can now ad lib a bit, calling up a remembered abbreviated version....

    Gotta say, connections to supportive folk who know some of my story, n me theirs indeed, crucial. For a once hermit, this lesson is odd and at times vulnerable making, wound opening, but the belly laughs n sharing of foibles creates a pathway to intimacy it appears. Learning curve, especially where there's trauma in past and trusting can be tricky to navigate....
    That being said, down solitudinal time juggle also needed, I find. Even from my fella. We have two days n nights apart a week. These times simply being n doing our own things builds up the quality of shared spaces. I also simply need quiet, low stimulus input times....

    Creativity n crafting is a blessing I count repeatedly. It gives me a sense of worth where I have been unable to 'work' in a formal type situation for many years. All the while I've made stuff, and this has increased with this sobriety. I recently put in an application to have an exhibition at a local community gallery, which I'm excited about! Only took 50 years! Ha! Better late than never I guess. Meeting deadlines, goals, as set by myself, is a relatively new thang, which I find rather satisfying to be on the other end of. Who'd a thought, structure?!

    Well, that's probably enough rambling on from me....
    Thanks again... :)
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    Posts: 25
    Joined: Tue Aug 18, 2020 9:22 pm

    Re: Day 7 abstaining from alcohol!

    Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:58 pm

    Hey [mention]Simply me[/mention] ,

    I've just had a look over the posts starting back 12 months ago, and this is a truly outstanding landmark. Beautiful that we can see your early posts as well as how you are now. You last 'wonderings' are truly beautiful and you seem so very creative in your approach to living without alcohol

    CONGRATULATIONS! And keep us in the loop! :D
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