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  • I drink and get away with it.

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    I drink and get away with it.

    Sun May 15, 2022 5:31 pm

    I drink because it hasn’t had any major impact on my life. I spend money on drinking because I don’t have major expenses, I’ve done uni assignments hungover on a Sunday and received a good grade, I’ve landed jobs and internships while doing interviews hungover. If I can get away with living a normal life and binge drinking all the time it’s hard to find a reason to stop.

    I get out of control every time, and blow through so much money, but I’m fortunate to know another pay check is coming anyway. Some nights I go out with $150 and have a good night out on cheap beer, some nights I blow through $600+ on cocktails, gambling and occasionally strippers. It doesn’t feel like money matters and I just want the experience alcohol brings. Even if I just have a bottle of wine with a friend I end up drinking the entire bottle.

    I want to stop because I’m starting a new chapter in my life, I’m moving towns, I landed a job Im really passionate about, and I don’t want to bring my drinking habits with me. I’m worried I’ll continue and begin to see real consequences. I’m scared of I don’t stop I’ll lose this new job or blow through every pay check on partying.
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    Re: I drink and get away with it.

    Mon May 16, 2022 10:39 am

    Thank you EllenMax for your thoughtful and insightful post.

    Welcome to this forum and for sharing your thoughts on your issue with alcohol.

    I think there always comes a time when our past behaviours now do not reflect on our current lifestyle and this is called a developed 'Maladaptive Behaviour'.

    Responsibilities change with age and our positions in life and I think your are mindful of your changing goals in life and the need to ditch previous behaviours that now tend to impeded our progression in life.

    All this is totally normal and terribly human my friend.

    I'm sure others in this forum have experienced exactly the same need to change and the start of change is admitting we have a problem and looking for supports to help continue the change..

    You are on the pathway to change and I believe this forum will support you along the way.

    Again welcome and thanks for your honest and open initial post.
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    Re: I drink and get away with it.

    Thu Aug 11, 2022 9:39 pm

    Hi @EllenMax ..................I'm not sure you'll see this or if you're still around the forums but I'm wondering how you've got on with making the changes you wanted to???

    It's great that you can recognise you want to make change. I used to live paycheck to paycheck and partying all the time. I thought I was having fun but eventually realised I wasn't really living life. Friends of mine were going on holidays, buying cars, saving for houses and buying things they wanted but I was just in a cycle of partying. It didn't fulfill me and eventually stopped being fun. I used to think I was getting away with it but these days I question whether I really did................or what it was I thought I was getting away with.

    That lifestyle gets exhausting and used to wear me down. I'm hoping your new job is going well
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