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  • TIME TO CHECK IN: How are you coping with current restrictions?

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    TIME TO CHECK IN: How are you coping with current restrictions?

    Fri May 08, 2020 1:22 pm

    As you all are aware, our way of living has drastically changed over the last few months in relation to the current climate of the pandemic. It is an uncertain time for everyone at the moment and it is something that no one is accustomed to. We are familiar with having the freedom, to go socialise with friends, go out to dinner, go to the movies, go on holidays etc. When our freedom to participate in activities that we enjoy is suddenly taken away, it can cause us to understandably feel quite frazzled and unsure how to cope.
    Although they may be limited, what activities have you engaged in more during these restrictions? Have you discovered any new interests or hobbies? What do you do for you own personal self-care? What has been the most challenging for you? Can you identify at least one positive for yourself during restrictions?

    This time of isolation and uncertainty can encourage the levels of stress, anxiety or depression to rise which in turn can increase our level of substance use. For some this is the case, for others having these restrictions in place has given them a head start in stopping or reducing their substance use. What has this experience been like for you in relation to substance use? Has there been improvements since restrictions if so what are they? If you are struggling, what support has been working for you? What types of triggers have reduced for you since restrictions or are there new triggers that have come up?

    Although no one knows the exact time restrictions will be lifted, lets take this opportunity together to discuss what our plans are for when we are to resume back to our normal daily routines. What are you most looking forward to doing after isolation rules are lifted? What safety plan do you think you could create to prevent bingeing? Is there an activity or hobby that you have taken interest in during isolation that you would like to continue?

    We are all riding this wave together. Remember there is lots of support out there.
    At a time like this having a place such as the forums to share our experiences can be helpful to our own mental wellbeing, it can be a form of your self-care routine. Don’t feel pressured to answer all of these questions, only answer what you are comfortable sharing. All contributions are much appreciated :D
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