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  • Positive Vibes - egging each other on

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    Positive Vibes - egging each other on

    Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:05 pm

    Hi everyone @A&I @B4ME @Cactusflower @Daisy1970 @Edwina @familia @Gardy

    How has your week been so far ? A bit of balance of ups and downs or maybe just a crappy week? Do you sometimes find that focusing on the negatives seems to be easier rather than thinking about some of the good things that have happened?
    We do tend to focus a lot on what has gone wrong in our lives or during the day, and sometimes we egg others on or feel like we should share similar experiences. The conversation when we meet acquaintances in the street is like :

    Hey! How are you?
    Yeah, okay.... how about you?
    Well...... today when I was driving, this person cut right in front of me and I swear, I almost .....
    Oh no that 's terrible! Yeah me too - that happened to me last week when.... bla bla

    Sound familiar?! We all do it and also tend to egg each other on when something bad happens and we share our stories.
    This is all about sharing and being human and for sure we need to do this and also have the space to vent !!
    But sometimes it's good to just take a breather and look around and think about all the awesome things that exist in our lives ..... even in our darkest hour, there will be a glimmer of hope, of a child's laugh, of a dog's tail wagging or the smell of coffee....

    Today the best thing for me was sitting outside in the sun this morning and reading a book I have just picked up - Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts - I am sure you have ALL heard of it and me too, but I actually never read it.... and I am LOVING it!

    So that was my feel good moment today - would love to hear all about your positive vibes and what happened to you this week :)
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