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20 years of drinking

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:38 pm
by ColonicMallard
Hi Members,

I am new to the forum and I want to express my thoughts on my regular long standing drinking habit and wondering if there are any like me who have similar past drinking experience.

I am currently aged 43 and I have been drinking on a regular basis (every evening of the day) whiskey diluted with water. In early years I would drink 180ml to 200ml every day and over years the drinking capacity has increased to finishing a whiskey bottle (700ml) over a period of three days max. On occasions like a party or seeing a friend I can drink even more but without much hangover the next day. I have never drinker during day or as per self assessment never had to miss anything due to alcohol drinking and I earn well enough to be able to financially handle the spend.

I regularly monitor my health parameters so my blood stats including chelostrol, liver kidney tests are all normal over years with no detoriation over time so far. My father would drink almost a bottle every day during his young days until he started cutting down after 60 and he passed away due to illness unassociated to Alcohol at the age of 77.

Obviously my close ones want me to reduce/quit but I want to know if anyone in the form has a such a long history of alcohol, impacts after a certain age that it starts to show up and obviously if blood results are all fine then how serious or urgent it is for me to start seriously thinking to cut down. I know it is bad and can have illness etc but I have tried and unable to quit let alone reduce the intake everyday
When I look back its hard to recall a day in last 20 + years when I did not drink the night before dinner. :x



Re: 20 years of drinking

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:58 pm
by Lady Bug
Hi @ColonicMallard

Welcome to the forums, I hope you find it helpful to speak to others here!
Feel free to look around other's posts and jump in there to have a chat too
Giving up drinking can be a really hard process, but it sounds like its something on your mind lately. Sometimes it can help to also write down the pros and cons of drinking, and add more to the list when you think of them. Something like that can help us make a decision about whether to continue or stop the behaviour.
All the best,

Lady Bug