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  • Mental health issues often involve substance abuse

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    Mental health issues often involve substance abuse

    Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:59 pm

    I’m not sure cause I’m new today but I think this is where I can share a new topic. Feel free to correct me or give advice so I know how to do this more successfully.

    This being my first experience on this website has been very helpful and encouraging I’ve seen the topics in the forums and love what I see. I’ve also already had a chat session with an amazing girl and shared a lot and for me my biggest struggle has been reaching out before actions because of negative past experiences when I attempted to reach out. Obviously to the wrong people and the most difficult time for me has always been nighttime when access to support is a lot less available but knowing this is 24hr it’s encouraging for me to reach out again.

    My only input is in my topic line around mental health issues and substance abuse as often a common dominator not for all but many. It’s going through lifetime trauma and seeking substances for relief that when drugs became priority to address to many looking from the outside and that definitely is where we often have to begin and identify and then work through how you came to the point in your journey where substances where needed to numb unidentifiable pain in many forms and events throughout life.

    Ideally to be able to access one site that combines this as the larger scheme of things would be so beneficial and easier to share in more detail with counsellors. I’m not knocking the website it’s so far awesome but for myself to choose between what’s really happening for me at any one moment can be difficult and then knowing which site to address first when these two concerns are interwoven and sometimes I find it hard to identify whether my mental health needs attention first before my drug concerns.

    The counsellor made me aware that her training is in drug and alcohol abuse but in an understanding way she was awesome but to have to go to two different sites often to share the same concerns and crisis moments could be a defining factor in outcomes.

    But having forums that are supported by lived experience workers is something I’ve been striving to see and be implemented for years and to see it gradually becoming more available is exciting.

    So good work to you all I hope I haven’t stepped out of line cause I’m sure I’ll be coming a regular here

    Thanks for any advice, feedback or input it’s all appreciated believe me
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    Re: Mental health issues often involve substance abuse

    Wed Oct 13, 2021 1:43 am

    Thanks @CRAZYGRANNY for starting this topic, which is highly relevant and realistic to the experiences of many people struggling with dual diagnosis or however some might describe the issue of drug use as a 'bandaid' for deeper experiences. So, while the focus here will largely be on peoples experiences(and struggles) with substance use, the ever-present trauma in many people's lives that has driven substance use is always important to address. Forums such as SANE are often good to discuss some of the aspects of mental health such as you have gone through. And it might be useful to see whether people here have any ideas around how they have addressed, or processed (or processing) these co-occurring issues in a safe and supportive way. Once again, thanks for your input here :)

    Last bumped by CRAZYGRANNY on Wed Oct 13, 2021 1:43 am.
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