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  • Navigating the Grand Final weekend

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    Navigating the Grand Final weekend

    Thu Sep 23, 2021 3:22 pm

    The Grand Final is just around the corner, and no matter whether you’re backing the Demons or cheering on the Doggies, it’s an exciting time!

    For a lot of us, this Grand Final will be spent in lockdown, and while that may put paid to the BBQs and parties, that doesn’t mean that cravings and urges won’t rear their heads! So how do we get through this weekend unscathed?

    Be Prepared!
    - It’s always useful to think ahead and plan out your weekend. If you know others around you might be indulging this weekend, think about alternatives, like having soft drinks or other non-alcoholic
    beverages in the house
    - If you are able to attend a party be prepared for how you will say no. It can be difficult to tell people you don’t want to drink, but something as simple as “No thanks, I don’t feel up to it tonight” will suffice.
    - Have techniques for managing cravings, we have a handy list of techniques to use if urges do
    come up. Having them on hand can help during the weekend and beyond!

    Plan your time!
    - Organise some things to do around the Granny that will get you focusing on other things! Maybe you can plan a walk and coffee with a friend, get into the garden, or find a good book to focus on. Keeping
    yourself busy makes it a lot easier to manage cravings as they arise, distraction is helpful in the short term. You can read more about ways to keep busy

    This is a weekend of celebration and fun. Prepare yourself for how you can manage your own recovery while still having fun! You can check out some more here.

    So, how will you guys be spending the weekend?

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    Re: Navigating the Grand Final weekend

    Thu Sep 23, 2021 9:28 pm

    Good topic @Lhiver and some really great tips………….event weekends can be far more difficult and for me I’ve figured out that a lot of that was driven by FOMO……..fear of missing out

    What I’ve discovered over time is that I’m actually missing out on nothing by not drinking or drugging………..I’m actually gaining. I can’t tell you how many footy games I’ve watched over the years where I don’t remember how they ended. I lived in Perth for the 2007 Grand Final but flew to Melbourne to go to the game on the Friday night. It was an absolute whirlwind 36 hours and I know we won the game but I really don’t remember it. I tell myself I had a great time but how do I know?

    These days I remember things………I remember the games, the concerts, the ups, the downs and I actually feel the experience. That’s what I remind myself………I actually get to have the overall experience and not just a memory that I was there.

    Just because everyone else is drinking doesn’t mean I have to and I’m actually not missing out on anything. I feel fresh when I wake up in the morning, I don’t have the guilt, shame or regret hanging over my head.

    This year I’ll be home alone in lockdown watching the game and fear missing out on nothing. I’m going to enjoy watching the game, remembering what happened and being fresh to enjoy Sunday………..whatever that brings.

    Try and remind yourself what you’ll miss out on if you drink………maybe it’ll be missing out on feeling good about yourself the next day………….and nothing is better than feeling good about yourself.
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