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  • July community wrap up

    A place for community rundowns, special events and announcements from Counselling Online forums facilitation team.
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    July community wrap up

    Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:57 am

    Hey all!

    Welcome to this month's wrap up, a quick guide to what's been going on in and around our community.

    New contributors -
    Firstly a massive warm welcome to our new contributors. Good on each of you for coming and taking these steps for yourselves, you should be proud!
    @Purplepossum @Sallos @DoubleOseven @All good @Mojorising976 @Gibson76 @Road to recovery @Cloudy @Dos @FaithHL @Mattyman4

    New topics to connect in -
    This month I'm listing all the new topics here. Considering there's quite a few new members and new topics, you may like to connect and support one another in these threads. Thank you, thank you -
    Being a community of supporting one another, we wanted to recognise some great support going on in the community.
    Thank you to @Sallos for your warm support for others this month! You have shared your experience in other to inform others, bringing encouragement and motivation! I really like this analogy that might be helpful for everyone today :)
    "I've always likened the process of habit-breaking to the wearing-in of a new pair of shoes: New shoes are generally uncomfortable for a period of time as the stubborn material renders itself to the shape of your foot. This process can be agitating and it may be tempting to revert back to wearing your old shoes that, whilst worn out and ugly, are familiar and comfortable. However, if you persist with wearing the news shoes they'll soon feel just as good if not better than your old pair! As with the new shoes, forming new habits can be trying but with time can become effortless!"

    Service spotlight - Thanks all, if you haven't posted in a while, or haven't yet, why not do so now? We'd love to hear what's been going on for you.

    Have a great month, take care,

    Vik & the team at Counselling Online
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