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  • Thursday Check-in - How to stay sober on the weekend

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    Re: Thursday Check-in - How to stay sober on the weekend

    Fri Oct 28, 2022 12:32 am

    Hey all you peoples out there in never-never land,hoping everyone has had a good day today....
    I opened up a new bank account today,one with a higher interest rate,not at my regular bank,so i can put aside some money for saving towards getting my 2 tattoo's finished off hopefully in the next 12 months,so yeah,trying to put away as much as i possibly can,reducing my take-away food runs as much,trying not to drive unnecessarily and aimlessly....trying to cook meals instead,and that takes care of the self-care thing at the same time,eating more healthy meals and fruits for sugary snacks in season instead of chocolate and icecream binges...must give up the cigarettes again too tho,that will let me transfer money from cigarettes into my new savings account,that encourages me to stay well clear of my son-in-law and his substance use for a bit....my garden is starting to look pretty good now that i've got some more colour in it,but am still needing white,yellow and oranges out there,and want to get some pigfaces and some kind of ground cover too,and rovks,for my flowerbed edging,but yep yep,gotten way off track here,as usual...gardening helps control the urge to just say "f#*k it all,go get something to take" kinda times,that's when i like to go out the backyard and soak up some of that free muchly needed vitamin D,warming the body,heart,mind,and soul..........
    I actually nearly gave in just a couple of days ago....i was just so tired and everyone (my mum and son-in-law) were hassling and harrassing me for doing or not doing right again at the time,and i dont know about anyone else,but i dont function too well when i'm sleep deprived,get all annoyed and frustrated with almost everything i do,or try to do or try not to do,whichever may be the case at present time....yep,nearly gave in to temptation,and meditating wasnt working and wasnt very helpful like at all,so i went out into the rain to do some more weeding and tending to my cherry tomato's and fresh cuttings (of plants)....that managed to settle me down enough,instead of just popping a couple of pills to calm me down like i usually do....
    Take care of yourself and stay strong!
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    Re: Thursday Check-in - How to stay sober on the weekend

    Thu Jan 26, 2023 9:43 pm

    I love this @Cakie181................keeping busy with activities instead of substances has much bigger rewards. You get to look around your garden for days, weeks, months, years to come and feel the reward. Substances have a short term feel good effect.........and after a while there is no feel good effect anyway.

    i'm stoked that you're starting to find things that help you feel better and I hope you get those tattoos soon. That separate bank account thing with the higher interest rate is a damn good idea. It appears you're finding the other benefit of not using too.............having the money to spend on these activities and buy new plants, get new tattoos, etc.

    I hope things are still going well and you've got those colours into your garden.
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