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  • Sharing your story

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    Sharing your story

    Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:39 pm

    Hi everyone! :)

    How many of you have felt insecure about what to write and what are the best words to express yourself and tell your story? Well, I have to be honest it happens to me every time I have to share something. It is challenging, especially the first time. Sitting in front of the computer, writing your story.

    This time, however, I take all my courage and I want to share with you all what the overcoming of this common feeling can lead you.

    Find your voice: Everyone has gone through so many experiences. Writing on this forum will allow you to organise your thoughts. You will feel a sense of control over the events of your life.

    Remember your values: In our frenetic world, sometimes we do not have time to reflect on our life. This forum is a good place where you can stop for a few minutes from your chaotic world and think about yourself. Writing your personal story will allow you to reflect on what is important for you. This is a good opportunity to understand what your values are.

    Set goals: Using this forum to share your goals and progress can be a useful tool to keep on track. You will also have the support of the whole community cheering for you!

    Safe space: It is nice to have a place in which you can be yourself and express your thoughts. This is a safe space, in which no one will judge you.

    Find support: Sometimes It is easy to feel alone. However, in this community, there are people who have had similar experiences. By sharing your story or your thoughts you will have support from our community. There will always be someone in the forum who will reply to your message.

    Useful tips:
    Reading someone's story and thinking ‘ Oh, someone else has been through that, too?’. In our community, there are people that can have similar experiences. Asking or sharing with them some tips is a great way to learn together and receive support.

    Give others hope: Not only can sharing your story be part of your healing process, but it can also be truly beneficial for others. Do not be afraid to share your experience, whatever it is, there are many people out there who are experiencing the same. Your story can be very helpful to them. You will feel so much stronger when you realise you are not alone in the things you have seen and experienced. You will gain even more emotional strength when you will see you have had a positive impact on others.

    What do you think about the benefits of sharing your story?
    If you have not posted anything yet, take your time and try! Let me know how you go! ;)
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