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  • No idea what im doing

    Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Australia. Join this forum to discuss issues and find support relating to alcohol use and recovery.
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    Joined: Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:51 am

    No idea what im doing

    Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:15 am

    Alcohol is going to kill me one day and I need to stop before this happens.
    I don’t drink everyday. I don’t crave it. I don’t even like it. But when I drink I drink to excess every. Single. Time. I can’t stop.
    I want to quit altogether but when I told my friends they basically laughed at me. I’m almost 40 and have had a terrible relationship with alcohol and I just can’t survive with alcohol in my life anymore but I don’t know how to say no.
    My partner resents me. I’m pretty sure he is going to leave me and all because I can’t stop myself. It controls me so much and I’m losing everything that means something to me.
    How do I stop? How do I take control of my life? I need help
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    Re: No idea what im doing

    Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:06 am

    Hi [mention]HelpMePlease2020[/mention]
    Welcome to the forums and good on you for reaching out!
    It can be tough trying to tackle those temptations and urges of alcohol.
    When you do feel these temptations, try to remind yourself how you would feel if you were to give in to the temptation or urge, remind yourself the reasons for trying to stop and think of other ways you can enjoy yourself without using alcohol.

    Does anyone have any tips or advice to support HelpMePlease2020 at this time?
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    Re: No idea what im doing

    Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:38 pm

    Hi [mention]HelpMePlease2020[/mention]

    So sorry to hear that you tried reaching out for help with your friends and had that terrible response.
    You may benefit from seeking help through a local drug and alcohol service. Having someone to talk to who will support you in a non-judgmental way can be hugely beneficial to maintaining sobriety.

    Do you have any local supports that you know of?
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    Re: No idea what im doing

    Thu Mar 04, 2021 2:53 pm

    Something that helps me is journaling, specifically identifying the CAUSES / ATTRACTION of my drinking. When you think as addiction as a mental health problem - by identifying and making gradual improvement on your mental health issues has been working for me.

    Recently I had a breakthrough, I realised I drink at least in part because of my low self-esteem and need to be loved by everyone.

    I think that by addressing this, and slowly rewriting my thoughts about being liked and fearing rejection - I will remove the underlying cause that compels me to drink.
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