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  • Pain medication

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    Pain medication

    Wed Dec 07, 2022 2:10 pm

    I've been taking pain medication for 3-4weeks. Whilst I've been using it for my pain, I have been messsing with it a bit and self medicating. It gives me a bit of a buzz (doesn't last long) and then I crash. I have self medicated before with prescription meds.

    Since using this it's become more tempting to go back to old ways and take more (self medicate more). I quite enjoy the escape from it - passing out or whatever.

    I'm not sure if I have an actual problem though....
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    Re: Pain medication

    Wed Dec 07, 2022 4:58 pm

    Hi @Loz_3647,
    Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing this with us.

    Slef-medicate without professional guidence can be harmful to your health, so if it's possible, it might be good to have a chat with your doctor for some opinions. Long term use of medications can make you physically or mentally depending on it.
    You have also mentioned you enjoy the escape feeling the medicine gives you. Using substance as a way to escape or have a break from reality is quite common. I'm wondering if what you are trying to escape from might be the causing of some of the self-meditating you did.
    I have also tagged our peer workers in here to ask about their opinions or advices on this. @PnorkelPW & @ScorpionPW
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    Re: Pain medication

    Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:30 pm

    Hi @Loz_3647…………welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing.

    Whenever people ask me if I think they have a problem or they’re starting to ask themselves if they have a problem my response is usually this………..if you’re starting to ask yourself that question then there’s a good chance that it might be. The thing with substance use is that it creeps up and we mostly ignore the signs that it’s becoming a problem. We think we can still turn things around and it’s not that bad yet. By the time we admit to it it’s further advanced and harder to turn around.

    Can I ask something? When you say it’s tempting to go back to old ways do you mean you’ve made changes to your substance use before? I know a lot of people who’ve gone into recovery from drugs and alcohol and now choose to stay away from certain medications for just that reason………..myself included. I remember when I was drinking and using and was going through some chronic back issues I got prescribed a pain medication that I ended up snorting because it gave me a buzz. In the end I was doctor shopping for it. These days if I have any issues I have to be very careful about what meds I get because I know the potential doors it could open and I’ve come too far to go down that rabbit hole again. It can all happen soooooo quickly.

    The words you’re using stand out to me………”I quite enjoy the escape” and “passing out or whatever” suggest to me that things may be escalating but you’re the only one who can ultimately decide if you need to make change. I’d encourage you not to wait too long though and maybe talk to your GP about alternative medications.

    Whenever I’ve wanted to go back to using a substance I’ve had to ask myself what it is I’m trying to escape or self-medicate from?

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    Re: Pain medication

    Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:49 pm

    Hi @Loz_3647,

    It's great that you're reflecting on your use, where it's at and wondering if it's a problem or not.

    I have self medicated with prescription meds, illegal substances off the street and legal drugs such as alcohol as well. I know that for me, my body doesn't know the difference between a prescription drug, a drug off the street or the drug that is alcohol. It responds in the same way, once I pick up one, I want more, the obsession and compulsion begins and I can't stop. It took me a long time of ending up in the same place over and over again to realise I couldn't use anything in a way that was safe or not to excess.

    Not saying that this is necessarily the reality for everyone but the beginning of discovering what is a problem and what is not for you is definitely reaching and starting to talk about it, and it's great that you're doing it.

    I'm wondering if you're getting support anywhere else, if you have ever tried any peer support groups such as SMART Recovery or AOD counselling? These might be some avenues where you can start to examine your use and start to find out what's manageable for you and what's not.

    Anyway, we're always here and I hope you continue to reach out on the forums, thanks again for sharing with us :)
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