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  • “Disconnect from chat” button

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    “Disconnect from chat” button

    Fri Mar 18, 2022 11:06 pm

    Hi I just would like to express the disconnect from chat button is in a very frustrating place for me personally. Although I’m nearly 11 months sober I needed some support tonight but I keep accidentally knocking that button and ending the chat. It then makes my chat history look like I’m not respectfully using the service, which is not the case. I am on my phone when using the chat.

    I’m not sure if this happens to others or just me. I just thought I’d provide feedback. It would be beneficial if the “disconnect from chat” button was up the top, away from where we type and press send when we are chatting. Perhaps this would result in less disconnections, which is no doubt frustrating for the user and counsellor. Thanks for considering this feedback, and for this service in general.
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    Re: “Disconnect from chat” button

    Sat Mar 19, 2022 10:37 am

    Hi @Dontknowatall Thank you for your feedback. I'm so sorry that you disconnected a few times, we are aware of the poor placement of it and are trying to update it currently, like all things it's a bit of a slow process. I will say though, no one will think that you're being disrespectful to the service, our counsellors all know how easy it is to accidentally end chat sessions when you're on mobile and they will understand it's just an accident.

    Again, thank you for the feedback, we will hopefully have a better layout soon!

    Also a very big congrats on 11 months sober!
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